Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Sims 2 - Claire Bed

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Sims 2 - Little Staggered Chest

It is found under Surfaces for $20.

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Sims 2 - Little Deco Sailboat

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Sims 2 - Country Dining

All Basegame meshes

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Sims 2 - Davenport Desk

Found: Surfaces/tables

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Sims 2 - Small Shelves

Basegame mesh, found under Surfaces/shelves.

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Sims 2 - Rustic Storage Box

Vintage wooden storage box with zinc lid.
Found: Surfaces/Coffee tables
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Sims 2 - Decorative Shelves

Basegame meshes.   Deco Shelves (found under Dining tables) and little butler's table (Coffee tables).

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Sims 2 -  Lily Bedroom Set & Recolour

 New Meshes:  Bed, endtable, bench and deco-dresser.

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Sims 2 - Vallene Mesh Set

These items were requested by Vallene over at BPS.

The set consists of 8 new meshes, all basegame, all low poly except for the little deco trolley which is on the high side of acceptable, but not too bad.

Set is made up of: 
2 Chimney Pots , one large and one smaller/ Found in Deco Misc
3x Display pedestals: 1 Counter height (no slot, will need counter OMSP), 1 Endtable height (has 1 working slot), 1  Coffeetable height (has 1 working slot) /First 2 found under Endtables and the small one under Coffeetables.
2 Plant pots, one large and one small/Found in Deco Misc
1 little deco wooden trolley./Found in Deco Misc

The Chimney Pots.

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Sims 2 - Sloped Blanket Box

his was originally a mesh that I discarded but then had some requests for it,
so I fixed it up a bit and made some recolours so it wouldn't look so pathetic.

Recolours are numbered so you can toss out those you don't like.

Basegame.  Found under Endtables.

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Sims 2 - Suitcase Storage

Old suitcases recycled as a chest of drawers! Recycled, repurposed, reclaimed!
No trees were harmed in the making of this item!

They are found under Endtables.

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Sims 2 - Vintage Drafting Table

New Mesh ~ Vintage Drafting/Drawing table.
Found under Dining Tables, it does not function as a drafting table.

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Sims 2 - Fixed 1-6 Cupboard & Recolours

Not sure why, but for some reason the 1-6 Cupboard in my Industrial Deco Set was not recolourable.
Thank you to Llia (limabean) for telling me. ♥
I have fixed it and tested the mesh by making 2 recolours....... if anyone wants them they are included in the download  :)
The recolourable mesh will not overwrite the original.

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Sims 2 - Trolley Sideboards

Both basegame, clutter can be placed using table height OMSP's on the 6 drawer,
the little narrow sideboard is taller and requires counter height OMSP's to decorate.

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Sims 2 -  Hall Stand

Basegame.  Found under tables, but clutter must be placed with counter height OMSP.

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Sims - 2 Deco Angel

Left out of the Ellyn Bedroom file

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Sims 2 - Ellyn Bedroom

New mesh set, all basegame.
* Bed
* Endtable
* Block Deco
* Maxis Bedding and Jonesi BedBlanket recolour
* New Wall deco mesh & Maxis A Stroke painting recolour

The little deco angel was accidentally left out of the file, she can be downloaded in the next post.

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Sims 2 - Gisele Bedroom

Set includes 7 new Basegame meshes:

*2x Bird WallHanging Decor
*2x Bird Sculpture Decor.

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Sims 2 - Tyler Bedroom

Bed, endtable & laptop desk.  All basegame.

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Sims 2 - Childrens Bedroom

2 x Beds, 1 endtable mesh & recolour, 1 desk and recolour.

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Sims 2 - Emma Jane Bedroom & Recolour

Bed & 2 endtables.  Basegame

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Sims 2 - Chest Freezer

Basegame, found under surfaces/dining tables
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Monday, 23 February 2015

Sims 2 - Summer

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Sims 2 - Vintage Shelves

Found under Dining Tables

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Sims 2 - Garage Sale

Meshes are found:
Carved Leg Endtable (Surfaces/Endtables)
Round Trolley (Surfaces/Endtables)
Wood Storage (Surfaces/Endtables)
Tree Stump (DiningChairs, I think)
Crate + Recolour (Surfaces/Coffeetable)
Pyramid Shaped Cupboard (Surfaces/Endtables)
3x Cake Tins (Deco/Misc)
1 Canister + Recolour (Deco/Misc)
1 Bird House (Deco/Misc)

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Sims 2 - Tulbach Bed

Meshes are basegame

Download Meshes MediaFire

Recolours of this set

Download Recolours MeidaFire

Sims 2 - Hearts

All objects are basegame compatible.

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